7-year-old Plainfield girl collecting toys for birthday to give to children in need

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A young girl in Plainfield is collecting toys for needy children.

Her selfless birthday wish is to help people who are less fortunate.

Compassionate and kind are just a few words to describe Colbie Johnson.

She says the latest Barbie is what every seven-year-old needs.

“The puppy is cute, it has a phone, sunglasses, necklace and a purse,” the Central Elementary School student said. “I have like 100 of them downstairs.”

It may look like she has a lot of toys but not one is going to her personal collection.

“I want to make sure people have a good Christmas,” Johnson said.

Instead, they’re all for other kids who could use an extra present under the tree this year.

“Some kids don’t have many toys and I want to make them more happy so they can play a lot,” the 1st grade student said.

This is the second year she’s collecting toys for her birthday. Last year, more than 100 toys were donated. Her giving heart landed her an article in the local paper and recognized by the town of Plainfield.

“Well I met a lot of police officers last year because they were really excited for me,” Johnson said.

Community members are hearing Colbie’s story. A letter filled with money was sent to her grandparents church so she could go to the store and buy more toys. She was left in awe.

“I want to make other people happy,” she said.

With days left to donate, Johnson has decided this year won’t be her last.

“I want to do it until I’m 20,” she said.

Colbie’s birthday is December 10. Donations can be dropped off at Plainfield Christian Church right at 800 Dan Jones Road. They’ll be accepted until December 17. Colbie will then drop them off at the Plainfield Police Department.