‘A historic day’: IndyGo launches Red Line service

IndyGo kicks off Red Line service

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Red Line buses are out on the streets and picking up passengers as IndyGo celebrates the official launch of the service downtown.

The first Red Line buses left the stations at 7 a.m. Sunday, kicking off a month of free rides for passengers.

Sunday and Monday service begins at 7 a.m., but moving forward, weekday service will run from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Red Line’s 13-mile route will run from the University of Indianapolis to 66th and College Avenue in Broad Ripple. The route has 28 stops and buses will run in 10-minute intervals.

IndyGo launches Red Line service

Whether you are excited or unsure about the new service, IndyGo is asking everyone to get on board.

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“This is a historic day, we want you to celebrate with us,” said Lauren Day with IndyGo. “So get on today, get on tomorrow, join us on Tuesday for the celebration right here on the statehouse lawn.”

News 8’s Angeli Kakade said some of the buses have already been filling up Sunday morning, just an hour or so after the service launched.

Volunteers are also participating in the historic launch in addition to the people waiting to ride the buses.

“Man I think this is awesome for the city,” said one volunteer. “We’re doing some great things with this Red Line. Being able to take customers from one end of town to the other in like an hour and thirty minutes, that’s just awesome.”

The Red Line will remain free to passengers throughout the month of September so riders can get to know the service.

There will also be live music at all station platforms during the first week. For a list of performance schedules, click here.