Alexander Hotel becomes satellite kitchen for Second Helpings

Alexander Hotel becomes satellite kitchen for Second Helpings pantry

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A hotel kitchen is stepping up to help those in need.

A partnership between The Alexander Hotel and Second Helpings is not only helping to feed hundreds of people in the Indianapolis area during a time of need but is also helping some people get back to work.

During a time where people have been ordered to stay home hotel kitchens which are usually fast paced preparing to feed hundreds of people at a time are bare. The Alexander Hotel has transformed into a satellite kitchen for Second Helpings through a partnership with the Buckingham Foundation.

“We have the infrastructure. We obviously have the skill set with our very talented Alexander staff and team members who love what they do. They love cooking and they love preparing food for people. And so we put all of this together we felt like it was a perfect win-win-win, if you will,” said Theresa Rhodes with the Buckingham Foundation.

“We prepare the food, we deliver the food, we deliver to the places that need it,” said Jeremy Martindale, executive chef for The Alexander Hotel.

Initially the Buckingham Foundation and the Alexander Hotel have been asked to prepare 250 premade meals three days a week through the month of April.

“We feel like we can raise that capacity to go over 400 meals a day and we are also available to pick up extra days as needed,” said Rhodes.

Additionally the the hotel is preparing 50 meals a day that the Buckingham Foundation will distribute local artists and families of essential workers.

“So we are looking to probably increase that considerably in the weeks coming up,” said Martindale.

The chefs used 40 pounds of hamburger meat and 20 pounds of pasta for the first meals they sent out on Tuesday. They then spent eight hours prepping their next round of meals.

“We have to think about all the different tastes out there. What we would like in spicy foods and things like that, we want to keep that to a minimum,” said Martindale.

The reality of the current situation has been difficult for many but through this partnership, they hope to bring some positivity and relief.

“We hope that moving forward, as we get to more and more quantities, we can bring more and more people back and keep them working and keep the community fed, too,” said Martindale.

The Buckingham Foundation partners with other community organizations throughout the city to help feed those in need.