‘An angel’: Daughter of woman hit, killed by car on northwest side makes plea to drivers

Daughter of woman fatally hit by car makes plea to drivers in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) — The daughter of a woman hit and killed by a car over the weekend wants her mother to be remembered as a woman who was loved and who was on a mission.

Terri Hendrickson, 59, was hit by a car on Michigan Road. Locals said she was often seen pushing a grocery cart loaded with plastic bags containing various goods.

News 8 spoke with Hendrickson’s daughter, Chenelle Gilbert, who said her mother was more than a homeless person and spent the last few years trying to help others.

Hendrickson used to live a normal life. She was a pharmacy technician at IU Health Methodist Hospital for 20 years and later worked at the post office. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and fell on hard times in 2006. Gilbert said her mother chose to minister to the homeless and to other people in passing.

“In the beginning, family intervened and we helped and we helped, but at some point she stopped wanting to receive help and she explained to me that I don’t understand. She doesn’t expect me to understand, but God has a calling on her life and it was something that he revealed to her that she can’t discuss with me or give a lot of information about,” said Gilbert.

Gilbert said it took many years to deal with her mother’s choice and she is now painfully dealing with how it ended.

“I just firmly believe that my sweet mother with her little angelic face was called to be an angel for whatever reason. I can’t be selfish because she touched so many people,” Gilbert said.

The grieving daughter said Hendrickson was an author and artist who often wrote letters to God and shared his love with others.

“So many people within this area knew my mom and loved her. I’ve had so many people tell me how sweet she was. Even in her circumstances, she wasn’t a panhandler. She never asked for anything from anybody; she was just on a mission,” Gilbert said.

Police say remnants of the accident were found in the southbound lanes of Michigan Road just south of 86th Street.

Gilbert said the tragedy is also a flashback to the death of her husband, who was struck by a car in 2013 by a woman who was having a seizure.

“When you’re driving and you’re in a hurry, think about, is it worth taking the risk of making a person mourn over a loved one? You know, slow down. Nothing can be that important to where you can take someone’s life and leave them laying in the middle of the street,” she said.

Gilbert said she and other people plan to contact the city in hopes to get a crosswalk on Michigan Road in memory of her mother.

You can help the family with Hendrickson’s funeral costs.


Jungle Cruise boat at Disney World takes on water with passengers on board

 (CNN) — Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando may be known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” but for some visitors riding the Jungle Cruise on Thursday, the experience was a bit less magical and a lot more wet.

The ride takes passengers on an adventure through the world’s exotic rivers with a humorous skipper as the guide. But around noon, one of the boats started taking on water while passengers were on board.

Matthew Vince, who was on the ride, said more than a foot of water flooded the boat.

The boat “went from floating to sunk in about a minute,” Vince told CNN affiliate WPTV. “Everyone was fine and we were rescued in about 20 minutes.”

A spokesperson for Disney confirmed to CNN affiliate WFTV that the boat took on some water, but added that everyone was able to get off the boat safely.

Firefighters with the Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to the scene, but no one was transported to the hospital, a spokeswoman with the department told CNN.

The ride reopened around 2:30 p.m., according to WPTV.

The Jungle Cruise, which opened in 1971, is a fan favorite and one of the park’s most iconic rides, so the incident naturally got Twitter stirring.

Some speculated it was a publicity stunt to promote Disney’s upcoming “Jungle Cruise” movie featuring Dwayne Johnson.

Others jokingly worried for the fate of the guests because of all the dangerous “beasts” they could encounter.

Disney said it worked with the people who were on the boat so that they could enjoy the rest of their day at the park, according to CNN affiliate WESH.