Indiana Family and Social Services Administration offers new guidance, help on child care options

Emergency childcare program launches on east side

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Many schools are closed due to coronavirus.

This situation likely has many parents and guardians scrambling to find child care for their children.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration says those in Indiana looking for help finding and paying for child care do have options. The department says families can contact Brighter Futures Indiana at 800-299-1627, which will contact them with a referral specialist.

Additionally, the department say that every community has a child care resource and referral agency that can also connect parents and guardians with child care options.

The department also released things to consider when choosing child care during the coronavirus pandemic such as children should not be in large settings, with many children and caretakers should not be older than 65 or have chronic or be in an immunosuppressed state.

Also, in response to the school closures due to the coronavirus, an emergency childcare program launched Monday on Indianapolis’ east side.

Freedom Academy has hired more staff to accommodate an additional 150 children.

Retired teachers and administrators are helping out at Freedom Academy.

Freedom Academy is anticipating to end the emergency service April 10.

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