Indiana universities making sure students on campus get Thanksgiving meal

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — College students staying on campus this week will not go without a holiday meal.

IUPUI is providing meals throughout the break and after for all of the students who are staying until in-person classes pick back up. There are about 230 residents staying on campus and Tower Dining is staying open for meals. The Residence Hall Association at IUPUI is doing a particular Thanksgiving Day outreach to make sure everyone has a meal that day.

At IU in Bloomington, there are about 731 students staying for Thanksgiving break. About 460 of those students will stay on through the new year. There is a special Thanksgiving pick-up meal for those residents. The school plans to keep the “grab and go” options at dining halls.

At Purdue University, residence halls will remain open for any student who needs to remain on campus or return to campus after the Thanksgiving holiday. Students traveling have the option to schedule a free COVID-19 test with the Protect Purdue Health Center. Results take 48 to 72 hours. The school is encouraging students to prepare now for return-to-campus testing in January. They’re asking students living in university residences, sororities and fraternities to pick up a COVID-19 test before leaving campus. It must be completed 14 days before returning to campus after the near year. All other students will be tested by the campus health center when they return.

Marian University has a Thanksgiving meal tradition every year the week of Thanksgiving for all students, staff and faculty. They held that meal Monday and it was a take-out event rather than everyone eating together.

The University of Indianapolis had a meal for students last week.


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