Indianapolis hair salon creates safety guideline packet to reopen

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hair salons are preparing to reopen once the stay at home order is lifted. CUE Hair Salon and Spa is taking extra precautions to keep clients and employees safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Owner and stylist Charla Saloane says she hopes to be back in business on May 19. However clients will have to adapt to a new normal.

“Everything about how we do business has to change, like there is no business as usual,” said Saloane.

Customers will receive a safety guideline packet. Inside is a letter to the client explaining the new changes, a liability waiver and evaluation form. Saloane hopes other salons will follow her lead.

“We have to screen you before you come into the salon every time and it needs to be done prior to entering the salon,” Saloane said. “We need to inform the guests that they have to wear masks. We can only take one client at a time.”

Employees will have to wear a mask and face shield. Clients will have to wear a face covering while getting their hair washed. Saloane said she created a safety guideline packet because there are no rules in place by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA).

“I scoured the professional licensing agency site. The only thing that it does say is that young ladies or men that are in beauty school can’t take the state board,” she said.

Barber and stylist Coco Cuffie said they’re going to do all that it takes to make safety a priority.

“I have to change my cape in between each client. The client gets a fresh cape everytime they come to get serviced,” Cuffie said.

The salon and spa plans to present their safety guidelines to IPLA and other hair stylists across the country to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“This is going to be a step up and I believe that the clients will also want to see that,” said Saloane.