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Indianapolis Moms: Busting Breastfeeding Myths

Indianapolis Moms: Busting breastfeeding myths

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The internet provides a multitude of knowledge regarding breastfeeding, but how much of it is true? Indianapolis Moms provides credible sources to bust the myths.

Indianapolis Moms contributor Dr. Lindsay Moore joined Daybreak on Wednesday to talk honestly about these myths. One of these say simply it is natural and has a tendency to hurt.

“Nipple pain is COMMON. This does NOT mean it is normal. Nipple pain is always a sign that something isn’t working properly with lactation. Sure, some discomfort in the beginning is common as the lactating parent and baby learn together. But true pain, especially if it continues despite help with positioning and latch, warrants rapid attention before things worsen and it’s harder to help!” said Dr. Moore in her blog.

Check out the Indianapolis Moms website to learn more and watch updates from Dr. Moore on her YouTube page.