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Indianapolis Moms: Embracing the ‘Both-And’ approach to parenting

Indy Moms: Considering the ‘Both-And’ approach to thinking

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In the realm of parenting, decisions are constant and often weighty, each carrying its own significance. How can parents navigate this complex web of choices in a manner that best serves the family as a whole? Kristi Howard-Shultz from Indianapolis Moms Blog stopped by WISH TV to chat with Daybreak’s Jeremy Jenkins about it.

“What is the ‘both and’ approach, Kristi?” Jenkins asked.

Howard-Shultz explained, “The ‘both and’ approach is a philosophy that recognizes the validity of multiple truths existing simultaneously. It’s about embracing complexity and acknowledging that different perspectives can coexist harmoniously.”

She elaborates on the benefits, citing its potential to alleviate anxiety, foster constructive dialogue, and strengthen relationships. Howard-Shultz emphasizes its relevance in parenting, particularly during divisive times such as the pandemic.

“For example,” she shared, “My family incorporates both natural remedies and vaccinations for wellness. It’s about finding balance and honoring diverse perspectives.”

Transitioning from traditional authoritarian parenting to this more inclusive approach requires open-mindedness and dialogue, Howard-Shultz suggests. She says the importance of understanding others’ viewpoints to better inform one’s own decisions.

When asked about the benefits for children, Howard-Shultz highlights the significance of giving them a voice in family decisions. This approach, she believes, acknowledges life’s nuances and fosters a sense of inclusivity and respect.

Addressing differences in opinions, Howard-Shultz says focusing on shared values rather than divisive details. She encourages ongoing conversation and mutual learning.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Howard-Shultz shares how the “both and” approach has shaped various aspects of her parenting, from healthcare choices to education decisions. She emphasizes its role in addressing the unique needs of each child in a household.

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