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Loving Day: Gainbridge Fieldhouse hosting event to celebrate love and diversity

Celebrating equality of love on Loving Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The International Center, in partnership with Pacers Sports and Entertainment and former Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard, will host a Loving Day event on Saturday, June 8, at Gainbridge Fieldhouse to celebrate love and diversity.

The event will honor the landmark 1967 Supreme Court decision in the case Loving V. Virginia, when a unanimous court struck down all state laws banning interracial marriage in the U.S.

CaSondra Shim with The International Center and Ballard stopped by WISH-TV on Friday to chat with Daybreak’s Jeremy Jenkins about the event. Shim explained that Loving Day will be a fun uplifting event.

“We’re gonna have Motown music. We are going to have beautiful flower arrangements from Frida’s Flowers. We’re going to also have art displayed by Rebecca Robinson. So, we are definitely going to be celebrating this monumental Supreme court case that has allowed our interracial marriages,” Shim said.

Laws against interracial marriage had existed in various states since colonial times. In 1865, during the Reconstruction era, the Black Codes in seven lower South states explicitly banned interracial marriage. Before the landmark Loving V. Virginia case, anti-miscegenation laws were still upheld in 16 states, primarily concentrated in the American South.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Ballard says he can remember when the law was decided.

“I was 12 years old. I mean, I was, this is not ancient history to me. In fact, my marriage would have been illegal just 16 years before I got married,” Ballard said.

To recognize the landmark decision, the June 8 event will include vow renewals officiated by Ballard.

If you would like to attend, click here for more information. Attendees should reserve spots by May 30.