Noblesville owner of Mexican restaurant raises concerns amid road project

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A road project is forcing people to leave their homes or businesses.

One of those businesses was a restaurant that’s been around for decades.

Ignacio Rodriguez, owner of El Camino Real Noblesville, said Wednesday, “Right now, we are kind of stressed, and our feelings are hurt.”

For more than two decades, the unique eating spot in Noblesville has been filled with memories and love from the locals, but now the city government is forcing the Mexican restaurant to shut down. Rodriguez says the shutdown has impacted many people in the community.

“I like Noblesville,” Rodriguez said. “I like Noblesville because it’s been home for everybody here.”

The restaurant on the northwest corner of Pleasant and North 10th streets was forced to close its doors on Tuesday so that the city government can move the Reimagine Pleasant Street project forward. The restaurant, along with a Dairy Queen and a pizzeria, and some homes near Pleasant and 10th streets will be gone.

The project aims to ease traffic by providing an additional east-west corridor from State Road 37 to the west across the White River to State Road 32.

“It’s important what they’re doing, but I’m trying to defend a business that’s been here for 25 years,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says the city government is giving him more than $550,000 for the property, but it’s not enough. “Prices have been increasing a lot. It’s extra expensive for everything, and what the city offers, well, it’s not going to help me on anything about it because it’s about $550,000.”

Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen says his staff and other groups have worked with the restaurant to find some options to relocate and provide some resources.

“Different real estate agencies in the city and identified different sites that would be an option for them going forward,” the Republican mayor said. “This has been a real hands-on approach from the city knowing that these are difficult conversations, but we want to make sure that our local businesses are protected and have options going forward.”

Rodriguez said, “If there’s any chances or opportunities to do something in the future, another project, probably we’ll have to think about it

The restaurant owner says he’s grateful for the support he’s received all these years.


“Noblesville friends, we did our best to keep open until the 31st of this month. Unfortunately with the shorted notices of vacant our staff needed to relocate in a new job, we wish them the best and thank for their help. As well to all your support and affection given all this 25 years to us. we respect all your opinions and hope you respect us as well, as we try to do the best for all our clients these many years. Unfortunately with the offer that was giving and poor communication it was not helpful for us to relocate .Thank you. Thank you. Att; El Camino”

Facebook post on July 27, 2022, from El Camino Real Noblesville