Students, community benefit from health studies class at Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – We can all use some encouragement and extra help when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. That’s why Purdue University students are helping to bridge that gap for people of all ages in our community.

These days, 80-year-old Adella Flowers is spending her time working on some personal goals at Purdue University.

“It’s been a wonderful journey,” Flowers explained. “I’ve met so many wonderful friends. It’s very fulfilling.”

She now even calls two Purdue students, friends.

“These girls are just fabulous,” Flowers said.

Flowers said they’re fabulous at cooking and helping her live a healthier lifestyle. This semester, Flowers is taking part in Rachel Clark’s Experience in “Nutrition, Fitness and Health” – otherwise known as NUTR41500 at Purdue.

The students are paired up with a client, like Flowers, and evaluate their health concerns. People of all ages can volunteer to take part in the class and become clients.

“The fear of falling,” Flowers explained. “It’s my biggest fear. I’m scared to walk on steps. I also wanted to learn how to sit without having a railing to help me get up.”

Students work with the client throughout the semester and help them reach their health goals, whether it be making healthier choices in the kitchen, or working on their physical fitness.

“We’re giving the students an opportunity to really do what they want to do when they get out there in the real world,” Rachel Clark said.

“You’re actually hands on with clients,” student Abby King said. “You can sit in a classroom, and they can tell you what you’re going to be doing once you graduate. But when you get in front of them, you realize really how it’s suppose to go.”

Clark said not only do the students benefit from the hands-on experience, but community members, like Flowers, benefit too.

“I have more energy and, of course, I still keep smiling. But yeah, I feel great,” said Flowers.

For no cost, each client will get customized workout and diet plans.

If you’d like more information on you can take part in the class next semester, email Clark at rachelclark@purdue.edu.