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Surveillance video catches thieves stealing kitten from yard

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man is looking for the two people who he says boldly stole his kitten from his yard in broad daylight.

Jim Hamilton works for a security company and got the entire theft on surveillance video. He lives on East Caven Street near South East Street and says on July 9, he stepped out of his home to get something from his camper parked in his driveway.

“I didn’t realize [the kitten] was outside. He’s out there looking for me in the backyard and two guys come by and pick up the cat and leave,” Hamilton says, shaking his head. “Awful.”

The video corroborates his story: Two young-looking males are seen bending over and playing with the black kitten. They speak to each other, look around, pick up the animal and walk off.

“I was heartbroken. Can’t believe somebody would do that,” said Hamilton. “The cat liked to climb on me and stay on my shoulder while I’m making coffee. I was attached to that cat.”

The kitten was black with white paws and three months old. Hamilton hadn’t decided on his name yet. He thinks the two people stole the kitten because they liked him, too.

He sent the video to IMPD to investigate but hasn’t heard back in several days. He’s also filed reports for a stolen catalytic converter and even a large plastic trash bin from his property.

“It was full of trash,” remembers Hamilton, showing News 8 the surveillance video from the theft. A man is seen trying to cover his face with a face covering, but it slips down as he wheels the bin away while walking his dog.

“He took it through the park. I found the wheels and trash by the railroad tracks and he continued on. It’s weird,” said Hamilton.

The strange, petty crime is enough to make Hamilton want to leave, even though he’s lived at this home for nearly 30 years.

“I don’t know. I just can’t believe they took the cat,” he said.