Teachers encouraging help and love online

Teachers encouraging help and love online

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Now that most school districts are on e-learning days, teachers are trying to come up with engaging ways to connect with students online and find time to answer all of their questions.

There are posts from teachers across central Indiana giving tips and pointers to other teachers who have questions on how to guide their students through the work.

A Westfield Washington teacher offered to help with second grade work and how to break down reading material.

A video from the principal at Clarks Creek Elementary in Plainfield caught our attention.

Mrs. Donovan explains how much she missed the students and why it’s important they’re home and not in the classroom.

The video shows hand-written signs from every teacher encouraging students to keep up the great work at home.

“I just want to remind you that this is not going to last forever and I hope that while you are at home you are doing some fun things and hopefully some things that are creative and maybe some things that you don’t normally do,” Donovan said.

Many school districts are on their second week of e-learning and then spring break starts next week. At this time, students and staff could be back in the classroom at some point in April.