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Teen struck in hit-and-run in Greenwood; police search for sedan

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – A teenager was struck by a vehicle in Greenwood Thursday morning, according to the Greenwood Police Department.

Police were called just after 7 a.m. Thursday to the eastbound lanes in the first block of East Main Street.

Officers said the 14-year-old boy was attempting to get on the bus as a vehicle went around the bus, disregarding the stop arm and hit the teen. After striking the teen, the vehicle left the scene, headed eastbound.

The teenager, a Greenwood High School student, was taken to the St. Francis Hospital and Health Center-South Campus with a possible head injury. Officers said the 14-year-old was awake and talking during transportation to the hospital and describe him as stable. He has since been released from the hospital.

Christine Adam, a parent, told News 8, “It’s just sheer negligence to hit a kid getting on a school bus. It really is.”

“There’s no excuse to miss a bus. There’s not. When they stop and kids are getting on there’s lights flashing, there’s a safety arm out, stop signs are out. There’s no reason to ever go around a bus or to just blow through there,” Adam said.

The parent also said Greenwood police may need “more patrols in high traffic areas when school buses are going through.

“I heard from someone that occasionally a town close by will put police officers on buses to actually write down license plate numbers of people who go when the buses stop,” Adam said.

Police say they are looking for the driver of a dark-colored or possibly black four-door sedan. In a news release, Greenwood police said the sedan was last seen going east on Main Street at a high rate of speed. Police also say they’re depending on surveillance footage to catch the driver who hit the teenager.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Greenwood police at 317-882-9191 or to make a report on the department’s web page.

Greenwood Community Schools had a news conference after the incident, and News 8 received a paper copy of the statement and notes from the superintendent’s comments at the news conference.

The superintendent, Terry Terhune, said, “We just want parents to be aware you do have to stop when a school bus puts a stop arm out. That’s the law. Please follow the law to keep our kids safe.”


“This morning at approximately 7 am we were notified that a vehicle had struck a Greenwood HS student who was preparing to board a school bus. The bus had its flashing lights on and the stop arm deployed. The bus driver and our transportation staff acted immediately in contacting 911. We are thankful for the prompt response of the Greenwood Police Department, the Greenwood Fire Department, and our local EMT emergency services. Their swift actions ensured the well being of the student involved.

“Following the incident, Greenwood High School initiated a response to assist students who were on the bus. Counselors were made available to talk with the students. Greenwood High School administrators personally contacted each parent to notify them of the situation.

“The family of the student involved has given the school district permission to share that the student was released from the hospital earlier this afternoon and is doing well at home. They were told, by doctors, it was a miracle the student did not have any injuries. We ask that you continue to keep this family in your thoughts.

“I want to take this time to remind everyone that it is important to watch for children while driving and to obey the stop arms on our school buses.

“I would like to compliment our Greenwood School family. We have received several notes from parents in our district offering assistance to the family involved. This goes to show what a great and caring place Greenwood is.

“Finally, this is an active investigation being conducted by the Greenwood Police Department. I would like to allow Greenwood Police Chief James Ison” (statement ends mid-sentence)

Statement from Greenwood Community School Corp.