‘Trump Train’ to make its way through Indianapolis Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Thousands of people will parade on Interstate 465 on Sunday in support of President Donald Trump.

The group plans to convoy from 31 south to 465 on Sunday.

Organizer Cory Keifer said since creating a small Facebook group, dozens more have formed each with hundreds of participants.

“You got people from the south side, west side, east side, there’s over 23 counties participating now. We got people from different states, all the way from Michigan City, all the way down here,” said Keifer.

He said although everyone may have the same goal in mind, not everyone is on the same page.

“There is concern of other people that are going to want to go downtown and we just want people to know the agenda is not to go into the city or create problems or anything like that. We have put out to the other moderators to have those folks stay on that 465 loop,” Keifer said.

Indiana State Police said they were made aware of the event by one of the organizers. They said, “As with typical events like this we will monitor the traffic and ensure state traffic laws are being followed. There will be no ramp or lane closures.”

Caleb Stailey plans to participate in Sunday’s event. He hopes others will stay on course.

“People have an assumption of what Trump voters are, that we’re racist or just different things and that we’re not about that, we’re not about being rude to people because of their political beliefs,” said Stailey.

The group plans to be on I-465 by 2 p.m. on Sunday.