‘We’re stronger together’: Indy music venues band together during COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With COVID-19, local music in Indianapolis is without a stage and our favorite places to enjoy live music could close forever.

WISH-TV and 92.3 WTTS-FM have partnered with the Indiana Independent Venue Alliance to “Save Our Stages,” working to support and save our local, independent music venues.

Paul Mendenhall of 92.3 WTTS-FM spoke with Josh Baker of HI-FI.

“We definitely have been able to survive a little bit longer based on what we kind of had in the coffers before,” Baker said. “All of us re-invest whatever dollars we get back in to the club.”

Baker said hearing what other owners were doing to make ends meet helped spark the idea for the alliance.

“I had conversations with other owners and heard they were working at a grocery store or driving for Uber Eats and things like that,” Baker said. “And that’s what prompted me to kind of get us all together originally to form this alliance. Because we’re stronger together”

For a schedule of Mendenhall’s interviews at 92.3 WTTS-FM, click here.

You can also read more about the Indiana Venue Alliance and the Save Our Stages campaign.


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