Love avocados? Get paid to eat them all in the name of science

LOMA LINDA, Calif. (KRON) — Avocado lovers who don’t mind getting a little green in their wallets, too, may want to sign up for a new university study.

Loma Linda University in California is looking for people to participate in a paid study where you’ll get to eat avocados in either large quantities or small quantities. 

It’s part of a study by the Hass Avocado Board, who wants to prove if avocados help with abdominal fat. 

LLU says it is looking for as many as 250 avocado aficionados to participate in the six-month trial. 

To be part of this study, you must: 

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  • Be at least 25-years-old
  • Be willing to eat either 1 avocado per day for 6 months; or 2 avocados per month for 6 months 
  • Men must measure at least 40 inches around the waist
  • Women must measure at least 35 inches around the waist

Participants will be randomly assigned which group they’ll be part of — the ones eating tons of avocados or the ones eating barely any at all. 

Everyone will get paid $300 at the end of the study. 

Participants will also need to visit the Loma Linda University campus every two weeks to pick up study items, as well as attend a total of 8 clinic visits over 6-months. 

Participants should also be willing to undergo two MRIs. 

If you don’t get into Loma Linda’s study, UCLA is also recruiting avocado eaters. For those of you on the East Coast, Penn State and Tufts University in Massachusetts are also seeking participants in the same study. 

To learn more about the study, click here.