Man steals $28k worth of property during home tour

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man stole $28,100 worth of property while touring a home for sale with his sister.

On Wednesday, Darrell Andrew Mann joined his sister to tour the home. After the tour, the owner discovered watches missing from his closet.

The pair returned Thursday for a follow-up viewing of the home. The victim had notified the Lakeway police and asked for them to be “in the area” during the second visit.

As police arrived at the scene, they witnessed the siblings standing near their vehicle in the victim’s driveway.

The man’s sister told police that she and her brother contacted a realtor to view some houses, as she wanted to purchase one with the assistance of her parents. While she stated she did not steal anything from the home, she was not sure if there were any stolen goods in her car. 

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Mann admitted to stealing two watches during his first visit with his sister on Wednesday, and five more watches, nine belts and a pair of sunglasses during the second visit.

Mann stated that he tossed a watch and the sunglasses into the bushes, and one watch into the road outside the home. 

A gold watch was found at Mann’s sister’s residence, and the rest of the stolen items were found in her car.

Mann is charged with theft.