DEA looking for someone to burn 1,000 pounds of marijuana every hour

(CNN) — The Drug Enforcement Administration has been inundated with calls after a recent job posting.

The position? Burning marijuana.

We dispose and burn a number of drugs marijuana methamphetamines prescription pills, said DEA special agent Sammy Parks.

Now, the agency is looking for a vendor who can burn 1,000 pounds of pot bundles each hour for at least eight hours a day. 

It targets a facility that is well established, licensed, meets EPA requirements. This is not something a private citizen can do dispose of evidence, Parks said.

Whoever gets the job would have to destroy marijuana, meth, cocaine and expired prescriptions confiscated during drug take-back events along with other substances. You must also move to Texas for the gig.

Every two years a solicitation goes out for a vendor.

The contract would end in September. 

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