Pet Pals TV: ‘Koko: A Red Dog Story’

Pet Pals TV: ‘Koko: A Red Dog Story’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Heartland International Film Festival is underway and Patty Spitler with Pet Pals TV stopped by the Daybreak studios to focus on one of the featured films.

Nelson Woss, the producer of “Koko: A Red Dog Story” joined Patty to talk about the film’s world premiere, which is happening Saturday night at Newfields at 7:15.

“I’m very privileged to say this is my third time to Indianapolis,” said Nelson Woss. “We came in 2011 with a film called ‘Red Dog’ and we came back again with a prequel called ‘Red Dog: True Blue’ and both of those films won the festival.”

“Koko: A Red Dog Story” is the final film of the series. It focuses on the life of Koko, the dog actor who played “Red Dog” in the films.

“What this movie celebrates is why everybody’s dog is special,” said Woll.

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