Photographer hopes to solve Fourth of July mystery proposal

Carmel man seeks couple whose proposal he captured in fireworks photo

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – Someone got engaged on the Monon Trail in the middle of the fireworks Thursday night. It was all caught on camera; the photographer just didn’t know it.

He’s now asking News 8 for help to track the couple down.

Tyler Huffman said he was so focused on the beautiful backdrop with fireworks in the sky lighting up the bricks and architecture in Carmel, he missed the special moment happening in the foreground: someone dropping to one knee in the dark.

A photographer is searching for the couple in this photo after he unknowingly captured a proposal on camera in Carmel on the Fourth of July. (Provided Photo/Tyler Huffman)

Huffman is an amateur photographer who once dreamed of making it a career.

He was out to take some photos of the Carmel fireworks show not far from his apartment.

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“Catching that moment, that’s why you take photos. That’s what you’re doing it for,” Huffman said.

Huffman captured “that moment.” It was just in a place he didn’t expect — on the ground, not in the air.

It was dark. The fireworks had just begun. Huffman was so intent on the explosions and framing, he didn’t realize what was happening on the path in front of him.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking at the ground and the people. That was going to be all cropped out by the time it was over with, just a lucky shot,” Huffman said.

He then moved on to other vantage points.

Not until 20 minutes later, when the fireworks show was over, did he start reviewing his shots and see the special moment for the first time: a man, in the middle of the Monon, in the middle of proposing.

“Just lucky I was here, I think,” said Huffman.

He doesn’t know who the couple is or even if she said yes. But he wants to find out.

“First off, congratulations. That’s very special and awesome,” he said. “Second, I want to get the photo to them. I don’t want anything in return or anything. I want them to have that to cherish for however long they want to cherish it.”

Huffman lives with his girlfriend just a block away from where the proposal happened. The spot is right at Monon Boulevard and First Street Southwest, a place he walks by at least once a week.

Now it’s a place he won’t forget.

It took about 5 minutes of editing to bring a little more light out to the front of the photo, according to Huffman.

If you believe you know who the couple is, call WISH-TV at 317-931-2222, and we’ll help connect you to Huffman.