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Police chief to meth cooks: ‘We are coming after you’

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Muncie’s Police Chief is sending a message to any meth dealers or cooks.

“You better be watching over your shoulder,” Chief Steve Stewart said. “Because we are coming after you. Myself and the prosecutor are tired of dealing with meth. It’s too dangerous.”

Chief Stewart made the comments a day after law enforcement arrested fourteen people and raided three meth labs.

According to numbers released by Indiana State Police Thursday, Delaware County leads the state in reported meth lab incidents this year with 139 from January to July. Noble County has the second highest number, with 41.

Chief Stewart said one reason Delaware County’s numbers are so high is because police are cracking down so often.

A former addict, who asked to remain anonymous, said another reason is because people are living in poverty.

“I think they just thought making drugs would be a lot easier to make money,” she said.

The woman said she’s now been clean for eight months, but she used to get her meth from Delaware County.

She shared her story in hopes that others wouldn’t go down the same path.

“It’s not worth it,” she said. “It’ll tear you down. It’ll destroy your family. You’ll lose trust with people. You could die.”

The woman said meth labs wouldn’t be as popular if it were harder to get the drugs used to make meth. Chief Stewart agrees with her, and he said local officials are urging state lawmakers to create tougher restriction on those drugs.

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