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Residents not happy with grocery manager being transferred

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Campaign efforts are underway to bring back a longtime manager to a downtown grocery store.

Some people in the community are not happy with the recent transfer.

Larry Schultz has worked at the Lockerbie Marsh store for almost 30 years. He started when it was known as O’Malia’s Food Market in 1986. He was promoted to store manager shortly after.

Some customers walking in and out of the Marsh store Friday night may be missing a familiar face.

“I think that it’s probably an unfortunate mistake,” said Danny O’Malia, friend of Schultz. “But that’s just one man’s opinion.”

O’Malia has worked with Larry Schultz for many years and considers him a great friend.

“He’s very customer service oriented, very employee centric. He takes good care of his customers and employees,” said O’Malia

Word quickly spread about corporate’s decision last week to move Schultz to a Marsh store out in Zionsville on Monday.

O’Malia said he’s gotten a chance to talk to some regular customers about the sudden transfer. They told him they’re not happy with the decision.

“The grocery shopping thing, it’s a very personal thing with a lot of people,” said O’Malia.

Those people include Ted Qualkinbush, who works five minutes away from the neighborhood grocery store.

He said he would always go there to pick up lunch and would run into Schultz.

“Automatically he recognizes people, waves, greets you and that kind of stuff,” said Ted Qualkinbush, customer. “He’ll be out on the floor, walking around and talking to people. He even bags groceries over there, or did.”

His supporters are hoping that corporate will reconsider but know Schultz will give his all no matter where he goes.

“I know he’ll do the best job he can for as long as he’s in that store or any other store he goes to,” said O’Malia. “Because that’s the kind of guy he is.”

24-Hour News 8 did reach out to Schultz for a response, but he had no comment.

Marsh had the following response:

At Marsh, we love Larry Schultz. Larry has been driving downtown for almost 30 years, he has been moved to one of our best stores, very close to his home to experience another of our great Marsh stores.

24-Hour News 8 learned that some customers started an email campaign against corporate because they are so upset by the decision.