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Sheriff’s office warns parents of THC gummies found in area

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is warning parents about THC gummies in the area.

“Parents be on the lookout for a new Mariijuana ‘candy’ that has been found on at least one person here in Hancock County,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office says you can see the letters “THC” on the candy.

The office followed up that post after some residents complained about the legality of marijuana in Indiana.

We understand some of your views on the legalization of Marijuana, this is not the place to fight that. You must go higher up the chain than HCSD for that purpose.

The fact is that in the State of Indiana, it is illegal. We will continue to fight the drug epidemic regardless of the drug.

This is a post to let parents and the community know what is happening around their children and to be aware of how drugs are made to look as if it were something else.

Please realize that our duty on our social media is to bring awareness to our/your community on issues going on here that affect all of us.

Thank you.