Southwest-side residents fear warehouse would ruin quiet neighborhood

Camby Village warehouse concerns in Decatur Township, Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Residents in Decatur Township are upset over a new plan designed to build warehouses near Camby Village. 

The area off of Camby Village Boulevard on the southwest side is zoned for retail. 

There is a new plan to get the zoning changed to accommodate warehouses. 

Residents said they believe the addition would change the feel in their neighborhood. 

“It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. There are rabbits running around, and I watch the ducks and the ducklings,” said resident Robin Robinson. 

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Robinson has lived in Camby Village for 10 years. She said the idea of warehouses just feet away from her backyard would ruin her neighborhood. 

“For it to be warehouses and trucks, that’s just going to disturb the peace,” Robinson said.

The 121 acres off Kentucky Avenue and Camby Village Boulevard, just behind Robinson’s house, would be re-zoned to accommodate the warehouses until a proposal. 

Under the plan, Core 5 Industrial Partners proposes three separate warehouses that would cover 1.75 million square feet of land and have more than 400 loading docks for semitractor-trailers. 

“When we said how often would the semis be coming, and they said 6-8 times a day for each bay, and you start multiplying that up and you think of the diesel fumes, the noise, the light pollution, the sound,” Robinson said.

An online petition has garnered more than 1,000 signatures against the warehouse. 

Pat Andrews, chair of the Land Use Committee for the Decatur Township Civic Council, said the council is not against development in the area. “It’s more than ‘we don’t need more warehouses.’ There are things that every other community in the county has. Like shopping, restaurants, places to go for entertainment that we simply do not have.” 

Residents living in Camby Village hope that the plans to rezone will be rethought. 

“We just want to stop the rezoning. Obviously we know at some point something could go in there. Not warehouses. We want the warehouses to stay on Ameriplex and Ronald Reagan (Parkway), not this side of (State Road) 67,” Robinson said. 

In May, the Decatur Township Civic Council voted to oppose the plan. 

A Marion County hearing examiner will attend the hearing June 13 when the decision is made. 

If either side appeals the examiner’s decision, the Metropolitan Development Commission will make the final decision.