Suspicious spouses seek out private investigators more around Valentine’s Day

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Valentine’s Day is meant for romance, but local private investigators say their workload increases around the Hallmark holiday.

Renee Brewer is with the Tennessee-based private investigations firm Still Watch Investigations. She says on Valentine’s Day cheating spouses often buy gifts or steal moments with the person they’re cheating with.

“When people suspect someone’s stepping out, they believe their spouse is going to get romantic with their loved one on that day,” Brewer said. “There’s never been a Valentine’s Day I wasn’t working two or three cases.”

One woman in Nashville used Brewer to follow her husband, and now she’s spending this Valentine’s Day with relief. She didn’t want to reveal her name or face.

“I had suspicions for a while,” she told WKRN. “But he had an answer for everything, and everything had always been twisted around to make me feel crazy.”

Brewer followed her husband for weeks and finally caught him on videotape going into a motel with another woman. She found evidence he was cheating with lots of other women, as well as men.

“It must have been devastating,” said WKRN’s Jessica Jaglois.

“Not really. It was more a sense of relief,” the woman said. “I knew it was going on and I just needed that as closure.”

Brewer has been a P.I. for nearly 10 years and has handled hundreds of cases. She’s been chased, confronted, even attacked.

But she’s also become and remained friends with some of her clients- and helped save their marriages.

“Sometimes the spouse isn’t cheating,” she said. “Or if they are cheating, they work it out and are still together. Sometimes hiring a P.I. can save your marriage.”

We asked Brewer for tips on how to tell if your significant other is stepping out…

“Big sign of cheating is emotional distance,” she said. “Because it’s emotionally draining to have an affair.

“Also, look for little lies,” she added.

Lastly, Brewer said to trust your instincts, noting, “If you think something’s going on, it probably is.”

Private investigators have licenses and warn there are privacy rules you have to follow to legally tape or record someone. Don’t try it at home without the proper education or you could face legal trouble.

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