How to get the most out of your tech devices at the track

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For the hundreds of thousands of spectators who will likely spend hours at the track throughout the month of May, and during the 102nd Running of the Indy 500 – survival is the name-of-the game.

But there’s more to survival than wearing comfy shoes and knowing what type of coolers you can bring into the track. Comcast Indiana shares their top tech tips and devices to help your feel like a “winner” all day long!

How to get the most out of your tech devices at the track

Noise Canceling Headphones – Protect your kiddos from the harshest sounds of the track, and yourself from the harshest sounds of SpongeBob. Noise cancelling headphones are an awesome idea, despite being a little clunky, might be worth your while for a track day. $20-$350

Clip on Lens Kit for Phone – You can purchase inexpensive (around $10) zoom lens kits for your phone. These devices clip on and enable kids and adults alike to get up close and personal with the sights around the track. These small devices are less cumbersome than binoculars and can fit inside your pocket.

Access Wifi – There are dozens of Wifi hotspots in the Indianapolis area – including

Speedway. Xfinity Mobile and eligible Xfinity Internet package subscribes can tap in for free. For users who don’t subscribe to these services, two one-hour sessions are available every month. Also hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Xfinity WiFi On Demand Passes are available for purchase.

Stay Juiced – Bring a small portable charger to keep your phone juiced. More expensive chargers typically have more capacity, faster charging, and multiple ports. $5-$75

How to get the most out of your tech devices at the track

Download your favorite movies and shows – If you’ll be kicking back at the Coke Lot all weekend, or camping with the kiddos – after you’ve seen all the sights around the track you can stay entertained by downloading your favorite movies and shows through Xfinity ON DEMAND. Free! Before you leave the house, check out content from your DVR library and store it on your device. That means no data usage or WiFi are necessary later. Your DVR content is on your device!

Watch the news – If you are in security limbo and you want to watch the news, learn about wait times, see what reporters are saying about traffic, learn about something that happened last night or that morning, pull up your Xfinity stream app and watch the news. There is a lot that can happen that could have a big impact on your day at the track, stay informed.

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