Toymaker to expand plastic army women line

SCRANTON, Penn. (WISH) — A toymaker in Pennsylvania took a chance this year and introduced its first female soldier figurine.

The company’s owner says the demand for them is going through the roof.

Jeff Imel, owner of BMC Toys, said, “Just this morning, I got an e-mail from a woman who is 67 years old, who said she wanted a set of women soldiers when she was little, and this is just a six-decade-late Christmas wish fulfillment for her. And I got a lot of messages like that.”

BMC Toys is one of the nation’s largest makers of little green army men.

The owner says it was a no-brainer to expand the line, which will soon include 12 figurines of women in combat.

The first full line of female soldiers is expected to be available for Christmas next year.

CNN contributed to this report.