Trainers tackle football safety

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – USA Football hosted master trainers from across the country this weekend.

There were 26 master trainers from 15 states that met in Indianapolis over the weekend for a three day training session on how to make football safer.

Master trainers are part of the USA Football’s Heads Up Football program. They consist of some of the top high school football coaches in the country as well as former NFL and college players.

Aaron Brady, a three year master trainer, was among the group that met Sunday at St. Vincent Sports Performance Center on Northwest Boulevard.

“I have a passion for football. It’s done a l lot for me in my own life and I want kids to have that opportunity,” said Brady.

Brady said he has held over 10 player safety clinics across the country in the three years he has been a master trainer, including six with NFL teams. In that time he has seen the number of football injuries decline.

USA Football master trainers attend workshops every year to receive refreshed training on safety material and to learn new material.

They travel across the country and share the football safety information with the many football programs that have registered for the Heads Up Football program.

“Most coaches are parents in youth football. They don’t’ know. This is a great way for us to get all of the information together and be able to give it to a youth organization,” said Brady.

Andy Ryland, senior manager of football development for USA Football said, “Our master trainers take these coaches out on the field and they actually teach them how to teach the drills.”

Nearly 5,500 youth leagues and 750 high schools across the country registered for Heads Up Football in 2014, accounting for more than 50 percent of the youth football community.

USA Football’s Heads Up Football program is available to all youth leagues and high schools.

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