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Vigil held for family of 3 killed in Owen Co. fire

OWEN COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Family of those killed in a house fire in Owen County says the victims were trying to rescue their son who was trapped inside his bedroom.

The fire broke out Wednesday morning in the family home in Freedom, which is near Spencer.

For Lee Bailey these past few days have been a nightmare. He lost his sister, brother-in-law and nephew.

“I’m in my 40s now. I find myself lucky to have had my sister as my best friend. We understand each other,” said Bailey.

Lee says the fire likely started in the bedroom of his nephew, 11-year-old Bailey Little.

Little was trapped inside, but his mom 41-year-old Joy Reynolds and stepdad, 43-year-old Dan Reynolds, had made it out safely.

After realizing Little was trapped, Joy went back in to rescue him. Dan followed.

“My sister wouldn’t have lived without him. One without the other, it didn’t matter. She walked through, we were told her clothes melted off getting to him,” said Bailey.

The three made it out, but according to Lee, had burns covering their entire bodies and their clothes had melted to their skin. They were transported to hospitals in Indianapolis. Dan died that night. Little died later, and Joy passed early Friday morning.

On Friday night, hundreds gathered at the Owen Valley Sports Complex for a vigil. Lee finds some peace in knowing how much they were loved.

“Bailey was an extension of her. When we got together we laughed really hard. Nobody made us laugh like we did with each other,” said Bailey.

Lee describes his nephew as a sports junkie. Baseball was his favorite.

“He could have a conversation without hearing stats and everything,” said Bailey. “They’ve left a hole. She was my friend. I won’t get past this. It won’t be the same.”

Another memorial service will be held at the Owen Valley Sports Complex on Tuesday, along with the funeral.