Volunteers seek support dog missing from crash injuring serviceman, killing wife

CLOVERDALE, Ind. (WISH) — Volunteers are searching for the dog of a serviceman injured in a Sunday car crash that killed his wife.

The Air Force serviceman on Tuesday remained hospitalized, so the volunteers are hoping to bring him some happiness amid a tragic situation. They climbed through thick, tall grass and carried phones in hand, watching cameras they’d set up at dog-level.

Angie List was leading the charge to find Milo the dog for the serviceman. “He needs our help,” she said.

On Sunday, Milo was in a Tesla with his owners, Jenna Monet, 23, and Derrick Monet, 25, a husband and wife from Prescott Valley, Arizona. Indiana State Police say Derrick didn’t see a firetruck parked on I-70 near the Greencastle exit for a crash and slammed into the back of it.

The Monets were driving across the country to Maryland. Derrick’s family said he is active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force.

List lamented the situation. “Your heart just kind of falls into your stomach, especially when you hear about it as someone passing through our state.”

Within hours, List spread the word on Facebook to find Milo. The post received thousands of shares and hundreds of comments of love, hope and support.

Another volunteer searching for Milo, Jennifer Hopkins, said, “I honestly believe they need Milo to mourn.”

Alexie Myrick, Derrick’s sister, said of the support, “We appreciate it. The outpouring of support from people we don’t even know is amazing. We want to bring Milo home.”

Myrick said Derrick is doing better than expected in the hospital.

Milo is a rescue dog that served as an emotional support dog to help Jenna with anxiety. Myrick said that Milo is skittish and isn’t too trusting of people. Milo has a microchip that could help locate the canine.

List said, “Well, I hope that we can bring some peace to the family by getting that family dog back.”

Hopki added, “We’re going to do it. We’re going to find him.”

Anyone with information on the dog should not approach it, but instead call 317-809-4939.

The last name of Jenna and Derrick Monet was misspelled in previous postings.