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Website hopes to make hospital prices transparent

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A new website called was unveiled by the Indiana Hospital Association to help Hoosiers understand their pricing options when choosing medical care.

Each procedure’s cost is listed and allows for a patient to have minor, moderate or major complications as a pricing option.

This allows for the flux in cost between different facilities, even within the same network.

The website encourages patients to contact each hospital directly, citing that the costs may be different once insurance is factored into the equation.

The association is being opaque and proactive about offering pricing information in the hospitals they serve, knowing that the government is asking for greater transparency.

Indiana Hospital Association President Douglas Leonard decided to take what he views as a first step. “This is a system we don’t like either,” he said, referring to the current confusion over hospital bills. “It’s not to our advantage to have a price that no one understands or we can’t explain.”

Find out more information about the new website by clicking here.