What you can find on this week’s ‘Inside Edition’

Inside Edition host Deborah Norville gets WISH-TV’s Amber Hankins up to speed on the interesting investigations and stories her team is working on for this week!

Exclusive: Sledgehammer Shower Remodel

You may remember seeing the recent viral video of the sledgehammer-wielding contractor who made an unruly gesture into the security camera before wrecking a woman’s bathroom over a payment dispute. After the contractor’s meltdown went viral, a team of contractors volunteered to fix the woman’s bathroom. Inside Edition is with the team of workers as they arrive to make the repairs and give the homeowner the bathroom of her dreams.

Heart Attack Hero

A man rushed to help his elderly neighbor after her house went up in flames. With the help of another good Samaritan, they carried the woman out of her burning house while she sat in her armchair. Just after the heroic act…one of the rescuers suffered a heart attack. That’s when a woman who was recording the incident with her cell phone sprang into action and administered CPR, helping him survive until he could be rushed to the hospital to undergo triple-bypass heart surgery. Watch as Inside Edition reunites the good Samaritans.

Magic Dress

It’s the magic dress that’s taking over TikTok. Women are loving Fashion Nova’s flattering maxi-dress that gives off the illusion of an instantly smaller waist. The ‘Mind of My Own’ dress has picked up over a million of views on TikTok and is nearly sold out. Inside Edition reports on the secrets of the magic dress.

K-9 Police Dog Investigation

Police dogs can sniff out drugs and help cops track down dangerous felons. However, an investigation by Inside Edition uncovered numerous incidents around the country where these highly trained police dogs injured low-level offenders and unarmed suspects while they had their hands in the air, some while even still in custody. Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition’s chief investigative correspondent, caught up with one chief of police to try to find out why his police department has had more bites than any other police department in the country.   

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