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Zionsville holds support circle of solidarity for Israel

Zionsville to form support circle of solidarity/Gathering at Purdue to show support of Israel/Group to hold event in support of Palestinians

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The conflict in Israel is taking a mental toll on people across the world, and community members in Zionsville are coming together for a circle of solidarity.

The details outlining the Hamas attack on Israel are hard to hear. But Zionsville resident Janelle Morrison says she realizes it’s nothing compared to the people actually experiencing it.

Morrison has lived in Zionsville for nearly two decades, and what she knows for sure is compassion runs deep through the town. “Rather than sitting around and doing nothing. Let’s come together in a show of solidarity. It’s a great example for those who are feeling helpless, and want to do something, but aren’t really sure what can they do,” she said.

The Goodmans have owned a jewelry shop in Zionsville for more than 20 years, and they say when it comes to supporting communities outside of their own, they answer, “Why would you not?” They say seeing people willing to stand with people impacted by the violence in Israel is part of the Zionsville spirit

This is part of why Morrison reached out to Bob Goodman to ask if she could organize a solidarity circle outside his Main Street jewelry store. She says she also wanted to form the circle also stand with him and his fellow Jewish people as they navigate the violence.

“We find our strength in our communities,” she added.

The Goodmans are known for their advocacy work, and while their family in Israel is OK right now, they know that a shift could happen anytime.

“We want to bring people together,” said Goodman.

Just like others around the world, they’ve been following the developments. They have been sure to not condemn people, but directly call out who they feel is responsible.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization, period, end of story. And we have to be completely clear to separate Hamas from the Palestinians,” Goodman said.

Goodman says when Morrison reached out, he wasn’t shocked. In recent days, community members have made an added effort to ask how he and his wife are doing. But he says he embraces that support, not for just himself and his wife, but for the thousands navigating life during a time of chaos.

“People in Gaza, because of this terrorist attack, are going to suffer. And Hamas has done this without regard to that population,” Goodman said.