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Mystic Sense Review 2024: Does the Site Have Legit Psychics?

DISCLAIMER: This is paid content. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and do not reflect the same of WISH-TV. The content presented on this page has been created and provided entirely by the advertiser.

Nobody wants to fall prey to online scams or encounter dishonest online psychic readers while seeking guidance and clarity. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to explore authentic experiences that can reveal the trustworthiness of these advisors.

Based on feedback from individuals who have utilized Mystic Sense’s services, it’s apparent that their online psychic readers consistently deliver reliable and accurate readings. 

If you’re still skeptical, we invite you to stay with us until the end of this Mystic Sense review as we thoroughly evaluate the site’s reliability.

Mystic Sense at a Glance

What We Like

  • Hundreds of talented psychics to choose from
  • Numerous mediums to reach a psychic
  • Real customer reviews are available
  • A wide range of specialties
  • 24/7 psychic service available

What Could Be Better

  • No mobile app 
  • No free horoscopes

Deals Available

What Is Mystic Sense?

Mystic Sense is an online psychic website that has served tens of thousands of clients since 2020. Adam Harel is behind its creation.

The site is home to more than 500 of the best psychics online who can assist you with various topics such as career, family issues, relationships, and more. 

You can contact them anytime, anywhere; their online readings are available worldwide 24/7.

Within its years of service, the platform has claimed a spot on the list of the top ten talented psychics online.

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How to Sign Up and Get Started

Creating an account on Mysticsense is a straightforward process. You only need to provide some personal details and verify your email account. And that’s it.

To sign up:

  1. Go to the Mystic Sense website and click “Sign Up.”
  2. Fill out the form with your personal information and your chosen password.
  3. Tick the first box to agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Next.
  4. Open the email sent to your email address to verify your account.

The next step is to deposit a minimum of $10, which is necessary to claim your free 5 minutes and start a session with your selected psychic.

You can get a refund for the first 5 minutes of the session if you are unsatisfied. You have 48 hours after the session to request it. The amount they’ll credit to your account will depend on the rate per minute the psychic reader online will charge you.

Mystic Sense accepts payments via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

To search for a reader, go to the site’s homepage and scroll down a bit to see the list of psychics. 

Click “Browse All Psychics” at the bottom to see other options. Another option is to click “Psychics” on the header to see all 766 experts.

On their profiles, you can learn about their specialties, reading style (e.g. expressive reading style or direct reading style), and how to reach them (via phone, chat, or video call). 

Some readers offer one way to contact them, while others provide multiple options. You’ll also find the rates for each minute of psychic reading alongside the communication channels.

Mystic Sense will show which advisors are online to let clients know who they should contact at the time.

Once you’ve found the psychic advisor you think is perfect for you, click on their profile and select your mode of communication. Then, schedule when you want to have a session.

Next, select the time and your preferred method of communication. Finally, enter your payment information to confirm your appointment.

How To Choose a Psychic Reader on Mystic Sense

Like on other psychic sites, you need to explore the profiles of different psychics on Mystic Sense to find the best online psychics. Pay attention to their experience and areas of specialization. 

Some psychic readers excel in love and relationships, while others may specialize in tarot cards, family issues, career guidance, life path, or mediumship.

Consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting a psychic reader. It’s also advisable to read reviews and check ratings from previous clients to gain valuable insights into the reader’s abilities and the quality of their readings.

Furthermore, trust your intuition when making a decision. Sometimes, a psychic’s energy and approach may resonate with you more than others.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, Mysticsense guarantees customer satisfaction after each service, from tarot card reading and medium to astrology and anything in between.

That’s something you undoubtedly want to hear. After all, who wouldn’t want satisfaction after spending money on a psychic reading?

Mystic Sense also assesses their experts to know if they meet their standards. The process involves senior-level advisors evaluating their knowledge, psychic abilities, experience, and professionalism. It also includes face-to-face interviews and a demonstration of skills and gifts.

With this process, the platform ensures customers that their psychics can provide correct answers, insight, and consistency. 

Whether you’re looking for guidance in your career, love, or family or need clarity in your life, experts on the platform are committed to giving reliable and accurate readings.

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Best Psychic Readings Available on Mystic Sense

This Mystic Sense review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the psychic readings on the site. Here’s a list of the different types you can avail of:


An astrology reader examines the movements and positions of celestial bodies, such as the planets and stars, to see your past, evaluate your present, and guide you for your future.

Whether you have no direction in life or want to understand the personalities of the people around you, you may find solutions through this type of psychic reading. 

And if your concern has something to do with the heart, your reader may help you learn the sun sign you’re compatible with.

Career and Life Direction

Are you experiencing trouble finding the right career? Have you lost a sense of direction and are stuck in your situation? If yes, you may seek guidance from a career reader on Mystic Sense.

Your psychic reader will work with you to determine the best ways to help you deal with your problems. 

They can give you a fair and logical perception of whether you need to keep pushing forward or stop chasing dreams that are not yours. They may also guide you to get back on the right path.


Mysticsense also offers several divination services, including;


Tarot reading is the most popular form of divination in the world of psychics, so it’s not a surprise there are a lot of tarot card readers on Mystic Sense. 

No matter what you’re dealing with, experts in tarot cards may help you identify what you need to do to overcome obstacles you may be facing or will face in the future.


Psychic symbols are everywhere and can be anything

They are there for you every day and can give you direction and guidance in whatever you do. Your angels, guides, or even loved ones use those signs to communicate with you.

If you have difficulty recognizing or understanding those symbols, a psychic reading with a Mysticsense professional may be helpful.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a cousin of tarot cards, but they don’t have fixed meanings, making them more flexible in interpretation. Consequently, readers interpret the cards based on their imagery, symbolism, and intuition.

A psychic reading using Oracle cards may be just what you need for self-reflection or if you seek spiritual guidance or answers to specific questions.

General Psychic Readings

There are Mystic Sense psychic readers who cover not just one area but several. Some can help you address any issue concerning your family, career, relationship, or personal development that you want to fix.

Their readings come in various forms, including tarot card readings, palmistry, crystal ball readings, and more. Whichever you choose, you may find the remedy you’re looking for. 

And who knows? It could change your life for the better.

Love and Relationships

Psychics on Mysticsense can give you clarity and guidance on your love life and relationships with other people. They can aid in looking for answers through tarot card readings, astrology readings, palmistry, or other methods.

Whether you want to find your soulmate, fix an existing relationship, or determine challenges in your bond, this type of psychic reading might be the perfect solution for you.

Regardless of your gender identity—male, female, gay, trans, hetero, or cis—someone on the platform can lend you a hand.

Medium Readings

Do you wish to connect with a loved one in the spirit world? A psychic medium may be your only option, and you can find one on Mystic Sense.

Choose from hundreds of experts on the site that will act as a bridge to link our world to the other realm. 

Depending on who you pick, the medium may allow questions and answers during the psychic reading or let the situation develop naturally. Some may rely on spirit guides, while others may use tarot cards.

While psychic mediums on the website come with high ratings, there’s no harm in being careful during the selection process to ensure they can satisfy your needs.

Numerology Readings

Mysticsense also offers experts specializing in numerology. As the name suggests, numerology concerns numbers and your date of birth plays a huge role.

In particular, your birth date will help you determine your psychic number. That number describes who you are and what your motivations in life are. You can even use it to discover your zodiac compatibility.

So, if you wish to know more about yourself or understand the behavior of the people around you, numerology can provide clarification.

Pet Psychics

Pet psychics claim to have the ability to connect with animals and convey their thoughts and emotions to their owners. If you own a dog, cat, or the like, getting in touch with one can help you create a stronger bond with your companion.

Any Mystic Sense expert may provide insights into an animal’s behavior and offer suggestions to resolve any issues. They may also inform you about your pet’s health and recommend improvement solutions.

Some may even help locate lost or missing animals using their intuitive abilities.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can take different forms, such as tarot card reading, palmistry, and astrology. But no matter what type of psychic reading it is, each one offers you a chance to learn more about your life or search for a way to resolve any dilemma.

You may also catch a glimpse of how your future will turn out based on your decisions.

With over 500 talented psychics on Mysticsense, you will definitely find someone on the website to consult about your life and who would assist you in making your life better.


Some Mystic Sense advisors can also cover topics related to psychology. On the website, you can find articles that the psychics wrote themselves. There are topics on how to apologize after making a mistake, creating our own luck, experiencing the loss of a loved one, and many more.


Some Mystic Sense psychics also offer spiritual readings. Availing of this service may help you find answers to questions related to spirituality, personal growth, and your life’s purpose. It may also aid in searching for a meaningful connection with something greater than yourself.

Once you gain all the answers, it can result in positive emotions like acceptance, gratitude, wonder, contentment, and, most importantly, peace.

Spiritual readers also have various ways to perform this practice, like how psychics do a reading. That includes tarot card readings, numerology, astrology, and more.


Finally, the website provides daily horoscopes for every zodiac sign. It’s a free feature, so you don’t need to spend any money.

Simply click “Horoscopes” on the header and select your zodiac sign. There, you will learn what you can expect in the future or some precautions to take to prevent anything negative from happening. You will even know what your lucky color and number are.

Reading your horoscope for the day might save you from going in the wrong direction.

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How To Choose the Best Psychic for You

It’s best to begin with self-analysis when selecting a psychic that’s right for you.

Identify your needs and goals in life. Know if you need resolution for personal relationships, career, or other areas.

Once you have determined your objectives, research psychics with expertise in those areas. Read reviews and testimonials from previous customers to know the readers’ abilities and if they are reliable enough.

Additionally, trust your intuition during the selection process. A strong connection or gut feeling with a psychic often indicates a good match. Finally, check the pricing structure to ensure it’s within your budget.

Combining these factors can make your search hassle-free.

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Mystic Sense Psychic Communication Methods

The website offers different communication methods to fit the customer’s needs. Here’s what we discovered for this Mystic Sense review:

Phone Call Reading

Readings through phone calls are perfect for clients who want to speak with a psychic without worrying about losing their internet connection. This option allows users to ask questions and get answers immediately.

Phone psychics are convenient if you’re always on the go and want a quick psychic reading.

Live Chat Reading

Chat readings are ideal for an individual who may be too shy to communicate via phone calls. 

Customers can ask questions and receive replies without time constraints. Moreover, people can review their previous chats for later use.

Video Call Reading

This mode of communication is excellent for clients who want to see the psychic virtually. 

It provides a more personal experience since customers can see the reader’s body language and facial expressions while talking.

How To Prepare for a Psychic Reading on Mystic Sense

The first thing you need to do when preparing for a psychic reading on Mystic Sense is to set up your computer or laptop and accessories in a quiet and comfortable space. 

Of course, you would want to focus on the information the psychic provides.

Additionally, you need to check if you have a stable internet connection and let your family members know you’ll have an appointment.

These steps are applicable if you prefer to do your readings via chat or video call. For the latter method, see if your camera and microphone are enabled.

But whichever mode of communication you choose (phone, chat, or video call), it may help if you first figure out the aspects of your life where you need help. Then, create a list of questions you can refer to while talking to your psychic.

In most cases, advisors may answer all your questions before you even raise them. But having a list can give you peace of mind that you won’t miss anything.

Cost of Psychic Sessions

Mystic Sense doesn’t have a fixed pricing system, allowing the psychics to decide on the rate themselves and giving customers the freedom to pick the price they prefer.

The prices start at $0.99 per minute and can go up to $10.99 per minute. The average charge is about $3.99 per minute.

Upon creating an account on Mysticsense, you can take advantage of its complimentary offer of 5 free minutes on your first session with your chosen psychic. 

It’s an opportunity to get an initial feel of the platform and see if it suits your needs.

Furthermore, discounts and promos become available on the website now and then. So, keep an eye out for those offers if you want to save money.

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What Do Customers Say About Mystic Sense?

Many reviews on the website describe how grateful they are to their chosen psychics and how the advisors gave them accurate readings.

We have curated a few authentic comments from past customers, which we took from their official website and other sites.

The first Mystic Sense review we found comes from the platform itself. A user named Kyokyo wrote this comment after having a session with Miss Chloe.

From the looks of it, the client is satisfied with the Mystic sense reader’s services. She mentioned how honest the psychic was with her throughout the reading and how accurate her psychic reading was.

Her comparison between Miss Chloe and other readers proves her satisfaction after the session. She even wrote that she would come back for more readings.

The next Mystic Sense review is from a customer named Kimberly, which we got from Trustpilot.

Kimberly is another satisfied customer. She described how user-friendly the website is and how everything she needs is available on the platform. She also praised the psychic readers for their friendliness and how informative they were during the reading sessions.

Moreover, the client mentioned how fast the customer support staff responded to her queries and resolved her issues.

She ended her review with the words: “I would highly recommend giving this company a try!”

We also found another helpful Mystic Sense review on Trustpilot from RNCM.

This Mysticsense review is quite detailed, as they talk about the good and bad sides of their experience. 

Their review begins with how the website hosts a lot of professional online psychics who offer reasonable rates for their services. They also touched on the refund policy of Mystic Sense, which was also good.

However, one of the things RNCM dislikes is that the online psychics don’t provide some sort of schedule to let clients know when they are available or not. They also find it unpleasant that many readers don’t reply immediately, which causes them to pay even for the minutes wasted.

But above all, the customer considers Mystic Sense the best platform that offers affordable psychic readings.

The last Mystic Sense review is from and a user named Tesha, who booked a service that Mystic Sense reader Sabrina offers.

Tesha gave a five-star rating and shared that Sabrina gave accurate readings about her boyfriend. Although her romantic relationship didn’t turn out well, she seemed pleased about the session.

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What Alternatives To Mystic Sense Are Available?

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for on Mystic Sense, we have some excellent alternative psychic sites you can try.

1. Purple Garden – Best Mystic Sense Alternative

Purple Garden is home to people with different expertise, such as tarot readers, astrologers, psychic readers, and spiritual counselors.

One of the perks of signing up on Purple Garden is that every new member gets a $10 discount for their first reading session.

In addition, the platform offers various modes of communication for customers to contact their chosen psychic. You may have the reading done through a phone call, video call, or chat

The pricing system is similar to Mysticsense, with rates starting at $0.99.

Purple Garden also provides a list of the online psychics’ profiles on its homepage and shows their active status, whether online, offline, or busy.

The site’s features make it a top alternative to Mysticsense.

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2. Kasamba – Best for Love Readings

If your dilemma has something to do with matters of the heart, Kasamba might be a better alternative.

The website has been serving millions of customers internationally since 1999. Its extended operation only proves its quality of service.

Love psychics at Kasamba can provide guidance regardless of your issue, be it about breakups, cheating and affairs, divorce, marital life, soulmate search, and more.

But if your problem falls under other aspects of life, you may also find help from other experts on the platform. Some individuals can do read tarots, provide astrology readings, numerology, life path, and fortune telling.

On top of that, you can get your daily or monthly horoscope for free on the website. There are love and career horoscopes in addition to the regular ones.

For new members, Kasamba offers 3 free minutes and a 50% discount on your first reading.

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3. Keen – Most Affordable Psychic Reading Website

Keen is the go-to site if you’re looking for cheap psychics online

If you’re new to Keen, you’ll get a 10-minute reading session for only $1.99. It’s a special offer you might not want to miss out on since its rate is the amount some readers would charge you for only a minute.

Additionally, Keen guarantees customers 100% satisfaction with every reading.

They may give refunds with a credit of up to $25 if you’re unsatisfied with your reading, giving you a chance to avail of a reading with a different psychic reader.

>>Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen

Mystic Sense Review – FAQs

Do you still have questions this Mystic Sense review hasn’t answered yet? If so, here are some answers to FAQs that may help:

What Makes Mystic Sense Unique?

Mystic Sense offers new members 5 free minutes on their first session, plus a refund if they’re not fully satisfied with the service. Even existing members can request a refund within 48 hours of the reading.

In addition, the platform has professionals ready to provide service worldwide around the clock. Their profiles will have an online tag, so you’ll know who to contact.

Furthermore, Mystic Sense uses a thorough approach to choosing psychics who will work on the site. They assess their skills, knowledge, experience, and professionalism to ensure clients get nothing but the best readings.

How to Contact Mystic Sense Customer Support?

The website has an array of methods for users to contact customer support. You can send queries and raise concerns via email or have a person-to-person conversation via live chat. Best of all, their customer support is available 24/7.

Is There a Mystic Sense App?

Unfortunately, Mystic Sense has no mobile app at the moment. Still, you may access their official website using any electronic device, such as a phone or laptop.

Additionally, the website is easy to use, so you won’t have trouble navigating the pages.

Does Mystic Sense Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Mystic Sense has a refund policy. If you’re unhappy with your last paid reading session, you may request a refund within 48 hours after your latest reading. 

Just note that they won’t give a full refund but rather provide up to 10 minutes of your time back or add credits to your account. You may also ask for a cash refund for an unused deposit. You may send a request within 48 hours after the payment.

However, refunds are subject to review and are not guaranteed every time.

Is Mysticsense Safe?

Yes, Mysticsense is a safe and secure method to obtain a reading from reliable psychics from the comfort of your home.

You need not worry about providing your personal information, as the site collects and displays details using 256-bit data encryption. Additionally, they don’t store your payment details, such as your credit card number and expiration date. Only PayPal has access to those.

What Payment Methods Does Mysticsense Accept?

Mystic Sense’s payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. 

Do You Have to Deposit Funds Before Choosing a Reader?

Yes, you have to deposit a minimum of $10 before you choose a reader or even before you take advantage of their introductory offer of free 5 minutes on your first paid session.

Does Mystic Sense Screen Its Psychics?

Yes, the site screens its psychics before giving them full access. Senior psychics on the platform evaluate their professionalism, knowledge, experience, and skills.

Moreover, aspiring Mystic Sense professionals undergo a process involving interviews and demonstrations of their skills and gifts.

What Can I Expect From a Psychic Reading on Mystic Sense?

The outcome of your psychic reading on the platform depends on what you seek. Is it advice about love or career, insight about the future, clarity about your life, answers to specific questions, or spiritual guidance?

Concerning the process, you may expect your reader to use tools like tarot or oracle cards. However, some may perform the reading without using any.

But note that psychic readings don’t guarantee a fixed future. Readers may provide advice, suggestions, and recommendations, but it’s up to you to determine how you want your future to turn out.

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Mysticsense Review Final Thoughts

We’ve finally reached the end of our Mystic Sense review. You now know it’s one of the most trusted psychic sites with experienced and talented advisors committed to providing accurate and honest psychic readings.

Experts on the platform charge as low as $0.99 per minute, and customers can reach out to them day and night via chat, phone, or video call.

In addition to quality services, clients’ safety is a top priority for Mysticsense. The website uses 256-bit data encryption to capture and display users’ information, setting it apart from other psychic reading platforms.

We hope our Mystic Sense review helped you understand what to expect from the site and helped you decide whether it’s the right platform to find the answers, enlightenment, guidance, and more that you desire.