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Fans make predictions for Super Bowl LII

The clock is ticking and Super Bowl 52 is here! It seems like everyone has an opinion on who’s going to win the big game, especially the people at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities. Radio Row a part of the Super Bowl is located in the Mall is electrifying and opinions on the Big Game never run short.

Doug Gottlieb says his defense is specifically designed for Tom Brady’s style of offense. “I would personally favor the Eagles…obviously not for number 12…I think the Eagles are going to win the game.”

Steve Tasker knows exactly what the Patriots and Eagles will experience on Sunday – he played in four straight Super Bowls with the Bills and lost every one. “Patriots don’t make any mistakes…ever of any kind. You got to beat them. You got to play better than them…you got to have more big plays than them. You have to convince yourself you do not have to do anything special to win this game. You’re special when you get there just…just be you. Sometimes that’s hard to remember.” 

But when it comes to Super Bowl 52 –  these Patriots and Eagles fans are confident heir team will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy come Sunday night.

Logan Patch said, “Two words baby…Tom Brady all day. Clear eyes. Tom Brady he can’t lose I think that’s how the saying goes…all day. Great coach, Bill Belichick legendary. It’s tough to beat Brady and Belichick combined as well.”

Vincent Perretti said, “How fired up I am for it? E – A – G – L – E – S EAGLES! Come on baby!”