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First look at tickets to Super Bowl LIII

All week long we’ve been talking about The Big Game, Super Bowl LIII. So, what does the ticket to get into The Big Game look like?

There is a lot that goes into this. A crew of 100 from StubHub in Atlanta is putting this whole thing together.

And by the way, it’s a hard-copy ticket. A lot of events go digital these days, but not the Super Bowl.

“So, we see it across all the sports that are going more and more to digital. For a couple of reasons. One, security and two, for tracking. To say hey, Andrew bought this ticket, and now he might buy this ticket. A team or a league can say, hey, here’s what Andrew likes to do. The Super Bowl, though, is a unique event. It’s been a hard stock event, almost 100% for years and years and years. Now they are looking at a little more mobile ticketing. The big thing is you do what that commemorative piece of paper. If you’re gonna spend some hard-earned money, you want that ticket. The first Super Bowl I went to, Super Bowl 50, I still have that ticket framed somewhere. So, the NFL is still experimenting with that, trying to a lot of hard stock in the market and we currently do now for this Super Bowl,” Scott Jablonski, GM – NFL, NBA & NHL at StubHub, said.