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For first timers and veterans, Masters is special

You’ve read about it, you’ve seen it on TV, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of your first encounter with Augusta National Golf Club. It can be awe-inspiring the first time, and every time. 

Daniel Bleho got a little emotional. The Canadian from Montreal was taking his first steps on the grounds of Augusta National. 

“It’s a special place, glad to be here first time, hope to come back. Won’t be leaving until they throw me out,” Daniel said, his voice cracking. 

Emotions do run high when arriving a Augusta National. The joy and excitement is something to see. 

“I always love to talk to people who are coming here for the first time to see it. Because it’s such a revelation. I can’t believe it’s this hilly…big,” said two time Masters Champion Ben Crenshaw. 

But talk to those who’ve been here many times before and the special feeling never goes away.

“Oh yeah, tickled. I get the nerves, I get the feeling when I drive down Magnolia Lane, every single time,” said 1998 Champion Mark O’Meara

“It’s still an amazing spot, I first came here in 1979, and now this is your world between the famous oak tree and the garden setting,” said three time Masters Champion Nick Faldo. 

Gary Player has been coming to the Masters for more than 60 years, he says the most he was in awe was his first time he came to compete

“But still in awe of the beauty because I’m such as a lover of nature, we walked around the golf course early this morning, doing some work for a network. I was in awe of the beauty,” said Player. 

What’s not to love at Augusta National?

“Everything, is just as it should be. As I’ve seen so far, everything is just perfect,” said Daniel. 

“Whether it it’s a player, whether its a caddie, whether its the media, whether its the patrons who walk these hallowed grounds it just doesn’t get any better than this,” said O’Meara.