Indianapolis Colts

Colts fans find Ehlinger promising, disappointed in front office staff

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Colts fans are on the Sam Ehlinger train. They say he has the talent to win games but blame the loss against the Commanders on the front office staff.

The fans could not be more clear: they want the Colts to make changes, but this time to the coaching staff.

Cries of ‘Fire Frank Reich!’ could be heard up and down the streets outside of Lucas Oil Stadium as fans were left disappointed by a one-point loss in a competitive game led for the first time by quarterback Sam Ehlinger.
“Everything is on coaching,” said Stuart Johnson, a Colts fan and season ticket holder. “I think it’s Frank Reich, I think it’s Chris Ballard and I’m just embarrassed to be a Colts fan right now.”

Fans were everything from too sad to talk to News 8 after this heartbreaker to so mad they would not stop screaming about the coaching staff.

Reise Anderson, a passionate Colts fan said, “Frank’s gotta go. Sam Ehlinger, I think he’s our guy, but if they don’t start running the play calls like he needs them to be run it won’t work out. They’ve got to start making the big pass plays that’s what he’s there for, he’s an athlete let him play.”

Colts fans could not stop singing Elhingers praises but wanted him to be better supported in his debut.

“For it to be a close game like that it speaks for itself he did pretty good. He can start again and probably get a win,” said Tavyon Calahan, another Colts fan. “They cheated him really at the end, they kept adding on seconds to the clock. If he had more time if they didn’t add seconds he would have did better.”

“I think he worked really hard,” Lisa Castleman said about Ehlinger. “I think he gave it all he could give. I mean defense was tough. I thought they were gonna win.”

“I think Elhinger has the talent if he has the right coach,” said Johnson. “I think if Ehlinger was able to have a better coach, maybe someone younger I think he would be able to bring this team possibly to a Superbowl.”