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Patriots or Rams? Saturday evening Big Game predictions

Everywhere you go in Atlanta, there is one answer everyone wants to know. Who is going to win Super Bowl LIII?

The Nexstar team tracked down a handful of people that have experienced this big game to get their predictions. 

The Patriots have won five Super Bowl titles. The Rams won their only Lombardi Trophy, nearly two decades ago and not surprisingly, when talking to a couple of former Super Bowl MVP’s experience matters.

“I just give a slight edge to Tom Brady in the moment. I saw it way back 17 years ago, two minutes to go he leads his team down to win a Super Bowl,” said Kurt Warner.

“I said it once, I said it twice, I say it again. Don’t count out number 12,” said Santonio Holmes. When it comes to players and coaches that have multiple Suber Bowl titles, the predictions are a little more balanced.

“I think it is going to be tight,” said Tony Dungy. “I think the Patriots will get out to the lead. I think the Rams will edge their way back into it, and the Patriots with a last minute, one way or another, will win.”

“Give the benefit of the doubt to New England being that they have some experience playing in the Super Bowl. That doesn’t just mean the game, that means the two weeks leading up to the game, but L.A. is pretty talented,” said Ed McCaffrey.

“It’s almost a pick’em game for me,” said Michael Irvin. “The Rams have everything they need to give the Patriots a fit”.

A couple of Reggies who also have Super Bowl titles weighed in and it’s back to Belichick, Brady and their bunch.

“I think the Patriots are going to win on Sunday. Nobody executes better than the Patriot,” said Reggie Bush.

“I think it falls to the Patriots. It falls to them. I do think experience matters,” said Reggie Wayne.