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Weather causes problems with Cubs broadcast

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – MyINDY-TV 23 received a number of questions about what happened to the end of the Chicago Cubs broadcast on June 22, 2015.

The Cubs broadcast originates with WGN/Tribune in Chicago.

Due to technical limitations in Chicago, WGN/Tribune currently can only provide their Cubs/Sox affiliates, including WISH/MyIndy-TV 23, with the same signal they air in the Chicago area. When WGN/Tribune switched to severe weather coverage, WISH/MyINDY-TV 23 received the weather coverage instead of an uninterrupted signal from the baseball game. All of WGN/Tribune’s syndicated baseball affiliates around the country were affected by this problem.

Even prior to last night, WISH/MyINDY-TV 23 expressed concerns to WGN about the need for a national feed, rather than the localized Chicago feed currently being sent. WGN/Tribune said they are working on the problem but have not released a date for a resolution.

WISH/MyINDY-TV 23 is encouraging WGN/Tribune to solve this issue sooner than later.

In the interim, we apologize for any inconvenience WGN/Tribune’s coverage and technical limitations may cause our viewers.