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Who ya gonna call…and how at Augusta National Golf Club

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Most of us have our cell phones practically glued to us 24-7. Not at the Masters! But Augusta National does have dozens of landline phones scattered throughout the course, and patrons use them all day! 

“You don’t see these phones anymore. Gone are the phone booths…”

“I am going to interupt you. What was so important that you had to call from this landline phone?”

I was talking to my wife. Let her know everything is ok. She was worried I was going to get arrested. Just kidding.”

“Everything’s good!”

I forgot to text my wife when we got here so I wanted to call and just say– hey, we’re here!”

“Had to call and make sure all my other friends were on the way here.”

“I had to get presents for my son. He had a list of things so I’m making sure I got all the sizes right.”

“I had to call and see if I could get someone to come and get my purchases.” 

“Gotta keep the company running.”

“My mom! I had to call my mom and tell her. I’m at the Masters!” 

Which made me think…since I haven’t had my cell…I haven’t called my mom all week!

She never answers so let’s if she actually does. Hi Mom. I’m calling you from the Masters. Ok, I’ll call you back later. We gotta go get back to work. 

“When is the last time you used a phone like that?”

Um, I’m old. I’m old (laughs)”

“Well last year here. Probably back in high school I guess, which I don’t want to date myself.”

“Have you ever used a phone like this?”


Jameson Corner was so surprised to see all of these phones with chords and to learn he was on tv. 

“Wait, am I really being interviewed?” 

“Do you know who your dad’s calling?” 

It’s the only number I have memorized. Hey mom. How ya doing? Just calling you from the Masters wanted to say good morning. Love you. I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

Some don’t want to be ratted out at work by a caller id that reads “Augusta.” 

“I hope this is not on TV or anything.”

Others had a list of people they just had to call. 

“Oh well, I had to call my friend Betsy because she didn’t get in.”

“Did you have their number memorized or did you have to write it down?”

“I had to write them down.”


“Had to do that on the way here.”

“Have a little sheet all typed up.”

“Oh my goodness! It’s laminated and everything!”

“I don’t know anybody’s phone number anymore!”

“They’re all in my cell phone.”

“Do you have any numbers memorized? Like, if you wanted to use this, could you?”

“No, I’d be screwed.”