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From calm to stormy skies as we move into Easter afternoon

Drew Saturday Evening forecast


The evening remains serene under the vigil of a steadfast high-pressure system. Skies stay partly cloudy with a low around 45°F. The west-northwest wind, a subtle whisper at 8 to 13 mph, may usher in gusts peaking near 20 mph.


 A splendid sunrise ushers in Easter Sunday. Expect partly sunny skies with highs flirting with the mid-60s. Gentle breezes from the east, shifting southeast, will accompany outdoor festivities. However, keep an eye on the horizon as clouds thicken, hinting at evening showers and storms in the afternoon. Some storms could be severe.


The joy of Easter gives way to increased cloud cover and the potential for more nocturnal storms and showers. Lows hover around 55°F, as southeast winds pick up, indicating a brewing change.


Showers are likely to disrupt the morning calm, setting the stage for a possible thunderous overture by afternoon. The day’s warmth peaks near 66°F, with south-southeast winds ensuring a steady air exchange.


The symphony of storms crescendos, with heavy rainfall as the primary concern. Anticipate a mild night with lows around 51°F while monitoring for severe weather alerts.


The atmosphere remains unsettled with showers and potential thunderstorms. Highs in the low 60s and breezy conditions underscore a turbulent day.


As twilight settles, so do the chances of showers. A cooler air mass begins to assert itself, with lows around 39°F. The wind’s tale changes to a northwesterly narrative, telling of clearer skies ahead.


As we bid adieu to March, the proverbial lion’s roar echoes with early-week tempests. Yet, the lamb’s tranquility is not far behind, promising a gentle segue into April. Keep an eye out for the dynamic dance between warm and cold fronts, signaling the quintessential unpredictability of spring in Indianapolis.