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Quiet weather ahead for central Indiana


The stage is set for a nippy encore as temperatures dip into the upper 30s. With clear skies, watch for signs of frost nipping at tender greenery. West northwest winds will ease, cradling the land in stillness, prepping for a chilly dawn.


Radiant sunshine sweeps the stage, bringing the high to a comfortable 57 degrees, while northwest winds play a gentle 6 to 10 mph tune throughout the day.


The sky dims to clarity, and the stars take their nightly bow under the clear dome. With the low hovering around 38, it’s another quiet nod to the approaching Earth Day.


The spotlight shines on Earth Day with a sunny sky, as we revel in a mild 65-degree high. West southwest winds will be a subtle backdrop at 6 to 8 mph, ensuring a pleasant day for any outdoor tributes to our planet.


As the curtain of daylight falls, partly cloudy skies take center stage, and the night cools to around 47. South southwest winds gently pick up the pace at 9 to 16 mph.


The plot thickens with a 50% chance of showers, possibly a thunderstorm post 2 pm. Partly sunny skies with a high near 67, while breezy conditions set the scene with southwest winds around 21 mph, gusting to 31 mph.


Showers likely, maybe a thunderous interlude before 8 pm. It’s a mostly cloudy night with the mercury dropping to 45 degrees, and west southwest winds maintain a brisk pace.


Mostly sunny, the act continues with a high near 59, a refreshing scene with north northwest winds marking their territory at 14 mph, gusts reaching up to 21 mph.


As we peek beyond the immediate acts, anticipate cooler, yet dry conditions prevailing, with eyes on Tuesday and Friday where the stage may be set for rain’s return. And amidst the backdrop of a slightly cooler weekend, we’ll honor Earth Day under sunny skies, a fitting tribute to our shared home.