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Warm Indiana weather fades after a stormy Tuesday

Drew Narsutis’ 10 P.M. Sunday Forecast – 3/3/2024


The NFL Combine concludes under a tranquil Indianapolis sky, with a low around 55. The south southeast wind, gentle at 9 to 11 mph, carries the promise of spring, whispering through the city as attendees reflect on the weekend’s showcases.


The new week begins with mostly cloudy skies, hinting at the potential for showers. The temperature, generous for early March, will climb to a high near 75, with a south wind at 9 to 14 mph. The city will bask in the warmth, even as clouds gather, portending the rain to come.


Showers become likely as the night matures, particularly after 2 am. The low around 57 and persistent south wind at 10 to 14 mph will keep the evening mild, with rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch, except higher in thunderstorms.


A dynamic day awaits with showers and a chance of thunderstorms. The high near 67 and the transition of winds from south to west at 9 to 13 mph speak to the changeable nature of early spring.


The chance of showers and thunderstorms continues before 11 pm, then a transition to showers. The temperature dips to a low around 45, as the wind shifts to the north northeast, gusting as high as 22 mph.


Looking ahead, Indianapolis will experience a mix of showers and sun. The first week of March will exhibit warmth, with highs staying well into the 50s and 60s, flirting with the 70s at times. But as folklore suggests, with the lamb-like start, we’ll be on the lookout for the lion’s roar—potential shifts to more turbulent spring weather could be on the horizon as we navigate through March. Keep an eye on the sky and enjoy the mild days, but stay prepared for possible abrupt changes typical of this transitional season.