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Quiet tropical season turning a little more active

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It has been 59 days since the Atlantic has seen an active named storm. That storm was Tropical Storm Colin last active on July 3rd. Remarkably, there hasn’t been a named storm in August at all. Only twice since 1950, has an Atlantic hurricane season gone without a named storm in the month of August (1961,1997). If we make it to the end of Wednesday, August 2022 will be the third time the Atlantic failed to produce a named storm since 1950 and the first time without a named storm in 25 years.

Although this hurricane season has only produced 3 named storms, there are multiple areas in the Atlantic the National Hurricane Center is monitoring for development in the next 5 days. As of 5 p.m. August 31, they are monitoring a system to the east of the Lesser Antilles has been given an 80% chance of development through the next 5 days with a medium chance in the next 2 days.

A low pressure system in the central Atlantic further off to the north has been given a 70 percent chance of development in the next 48 hours. The other area they are watching is a tropical wave coming off Africa that has been given a medium chance of forming into a tropical depression. The next named storm on the list would be Danielle.

Right now, it does not appear these areas of in interest will threaten the mainland of the United States. As a reminder, the peak of hurricane season is September.