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Access to Capital: The state of the lending market

Matthew B. Murphy III, co-founder and president of Emboss Partners, a consulting and capital acquisition firm, talks about how the lending market has changed and what the future may look like.

He highlights the changes in interest rates on lending money. For a long time, interest rates on lending money have been cheap and rates have shown little to no fluctuation over time. In the last couple of years, that has all changed.

Murphy explains that interest rates have increased and the rates are not as stable anymore. What may be affordable one day may not be the next.

The sensitivity of interest rates has forced both lenders and borrowers to ask more questions and spend more time planning. It is also important to have people to assist in planning, accountants, and financial professionals, that can give businesses the information they need.

Murphy says it is most important for business owners to plan, plan and plan. Be prepared to navigate the uncertainty of financial markets.