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Trapdoor Tattoos Brings New Vibe to Irvington 

2024-04-21 – BE&O GS

A new tattoo parlor has arrived in Irvington, and its unique style is making waves among local artists. 

When Davion Ellis opened Trapdoor Tattoo, he wanted to create an inclusive and welcoming space for tattoo artists. Feeling burned by negative experiences with other tattoo shop owners, Ellis committed his space to helping artists and clients express themselves through tattoos.  

Festooned with colorful anime-style floors and walls covered with artwork, Trapdoor Tattoos is working to attract local tattoo artists to set up shop in its space. Ellis says tattoo artists have a unique way of expressing themselves, and understanding the needs of your client is critical. He says the smallest mistake can ruin your reputation and sink your business.    

When he first opened Trapdoor Tattoos, Ellis experienced pushback from the community, but with help from his business partners, he says Irvington neighbors have started to become more hospitable to the idea of having a tattoo parlor in their already eclectic community.