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Upcoming Conference Helps Women in Business  

2024-04-21 – BE&O RYB

The VIP Center for Business Women is hosting its annual VIP Week Conference next week in Indianapolis. 

Angie Nuttle, the Founder & CEO of the VIP Center for Business Women, says her organization wants to provide a safe environment for women in business. The group focuses on teaching women to grow in faith and business. Nuttle says she loves helping women learn how to be profitable and influential in business.  

2024 is the fifth year of the VIP Week Conference, and the theme is One Woman Can Make a Difference. In addition to a slate of 29 speakers and networking opportunities, a $1,000 scholarship will be offered to a small business owner during the conference.

Speakers at the VIP Week Conference will present learning clinics, share inspirational stories, and more. “Every single one of them is dynamic,” Nuttle says. She also highlights her organization’s commitment to hosting first-time speakers, who get a chance to share their stories with conference guests. 

Along with monthly networking dinners for members, the VIP Center for Business Women offers several memberships and hosts guests inside their building at a custom Airbnb space. The space is also used for private and corporate events.

The VIP Week Conference will be held from April 29 to May 3. More information and tickets can be found at